I am a physicist, developing novel nanomaterials for quantum technologies. My goal is to implement novel tools for coherent information processing, and ultimately useful for integrated photonics, combining optical, electrical, and acoustic interfaces, nanotechnology, and integration capabilities.

Rare-earth ion materials

Rare-earth ions are promising candidates for solid-state quantum memories, because of the long-lifetime optical and spin transitions.

Optical and spin high resolution spectroscopy, spectral hole burning and optically detected magnetic resonance help to optimise various quantum memory protocols.  

Quantum interfaces

The solid-state platform enables to address a broad range of applications, from quantum information processing, communication and quantum sensing, to spectral analysis and medical imaging. 

The implementation of efficient quantum memory, on chip single photon sources and practical quantum sensors is particularly intriguing. 


Optical programmable processors may revolutionize the field of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and imaging processing. 

Adding novel integrated functionalities, such as, quantum storage and nonlinear operations require the development of novel nanophotonic platforms. 

New PhD opening

Crystalline membranes for quantum technologies

The project aims to pioneer a hybrid interface merging rare-earth doped nanomaterials with superconducting circuits, catalyzing advancements in quantum storage and transduction applications.

QuanTiP project

M1-M2 projects are available

Motivated, talented students are welcome to join the team to work on Master/Internship projects involving:

  • synthesis, characterisation and spectroscopy of novel photonic materials;
  • construction of optical laser setups and electronics;
  • design, fabrication and characterization of nanostructures.


Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris
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11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie
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